Remembering 2020

“ The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama.

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It feels so good to write today because it really has been a while. I am so very grateful to God for protecting us since March 2020 . It has been a year since the COVID19 pandemic was declared by WHO. There have been many highs and lows , lessons to learn and unlearn, struggles to over come and so much more.

I have been tested at so many levels and I am here to testify that God is good all the time , regardless of the situation , He always comes through. I lost some family members in the last year, I attended to an Uncle with severe COVID who got healed, my Mum was sick at some point too ,suspected COVID,I was locked down in my apartment alone for a whole month, I had to face the daily fear of attending to patients not sure of their status in regards COVID. All I can say, is I am more than a conqueror through Christ my Lord. 2020 was the tough and we almost treat it as if it was never there and yet we are grateful we got to live through it.

Here are some lessons that I had to learn through this season;

To appreciate the gift of life. To take every second of the day and really appreciate the moment. To take every breath mindful of the giver of it. To know that we are here but for a moment.

Count your blessings and name them one by one.

Be thankful for each family member and being invested in spending quality time with them. Forgiving the grudges and forging life ahead together.

Being grateful for the friends in your circles, loving on them and making time to check up on them.

Enjoying the simple things in life, like appreciating nature, spending quiet time alone, listening to yourself and knowing who you are.

So today as I type away, I appreciate life more and I desire to live a good simple life, loving God, loving his people and loving myself. Let us all aim to live a purpose driven life. To more life and all its blessings.

  • “..You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.
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2021 challenge : Save 10000 UGX daily.

I have been reading about different savings methods and I thought oh wow, if I could save 10k daily,I will have 3650000 shs by the end of the year.

That can as well be 300k per month into your savings account and not spending it for whatever reason.

Who is up for the challenge?

Have a target you would like to have to achieve at the end of the year and then work towards it.

I am going to challenge myself and surely 31st Dec 2021 will have a testimony to share.

Have a fun filled and joyous 2021.


Hard Copy.

  • ATOMIC HABITS …James Clear
  • God’s GENERALS…partly.


  • Still a Mom…Sheila Ajok Lubangakene
  • Conversations with our children…Maggi Kadsu Baliddawa
  • Motherhood and more…Ritah Nakiryowa
  • Stop,listen to your child speak….Manuela Mulondo
  • 40 days of walking by Faith…Ritah Nasiima
  • Corporates at crossroads by Joan Mugenzi
  • Called to greatness by Moses Mukisa


  • What a time to be alone…Chidera Eggerue
  • Anxious for nothing : Finding calm in a chaotic world.. ..Max Lucado
  • Emotional intelligence 2.0…Travis Bradberry
  • The 5am Club by Robin Sharma ((currently listening))
  • The greatness guide :101 lessons for making what’s good at work and in life even better by Robin Sharma

Time Keeping


Trust me when I say, this was not random. I am sitting in my car waiting for my friend that even put a bet that she would get here on time. And well I got here before her but then again, it’s past time and she still is not here. Today is one of those days when I am not mad, there is no point. I want to just go eat.

Back to time, I thank my dad that of all things he taught us growing up, time was the one thing I took and will always appreciate. I am a very time conscious person and I get very agitated when I fail to keep time though most times it’s not my fault.

But even when I fail to be on time, I communicate early on and either cancel or apologise that I will be abit late.

Well, truth be…

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Pre-menstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition which is faced by a number of women during their monthly calendar. This is one of the things I believe make us a unique species on this earth. This is a time where one feels the need for emotional support and yet not willing to receive it. Needing a hug but resenting the person giving it. Longing for a listening ear while at the same time wanting to be left alone. If only I was in my bed just sleeping, that is all I feel like doing.

If you have not experienced these feelings and emotions as a woman in her reproductive age , thank God.

Over the last few months, I have become self aware about this time during my menstrual calendar. I get varied symptoms every month but they are all suggestive of PMS. The symptoms range from being moody, bored,sad,emotional,feeling depressed,grumpy to low back pain, excessive sleepiness or insomnia ( some months),acne (usually one on the cheek) and also migraines.

To be able to articulate what it is I am feeling and yet struggling so much to ignore, suppress and deny these is one of the daily tasks during those moments . How do you not give in to what the body is craving ,desiring? These and more questions have gone through my mind and still are. How do you manage through these as you are tying to go about the daily tasks of delivering. It is like you are not in control of who you are .

I have sought to sleep when I can steal the moment, sing out loud when it can help, be alone so I am not bad company ( some times not able to ), show up regardless.

We are fighting battles every day and I have come to accept that some days will be in full bloom and other days the flower will wilt and yet the plant survives through it and new flower flourishes. Let me hold on and juggle through it. Writing this down has given some much needed relief.

Being a woman is a special kind of thing. Let us embrace our femininity and enjoy the hills and valleys. To all those with PMS, you are not alone and you are STRONG.

Third Blog anniversary.

I started this journey 3 years ago and it has just been getting better month by month. I wrote articles last year and I have had some great ones during one of the Uganda blog community challenges.

This blog has helped me to release stress, relax, share my own options , write even when I do not know if it makes sense to any one but me.

This is a place of my own creativity, a place of silence. Here I can put thoughts to post and know that I will find it whenever I need it. My store of memories, values, principles and goals.

So, opening this and it has been 3 years is a great stimulus for me to write down something. I love to write usually when there is something to write about.

If you have not thought of having a blog, now is the time. It is like having your own paper of sorts, your stories matter. You matter and you can make a contribution to the universe.

Let us all use our gifts,talents to make better the lives we meet.🥰🥰🥰

Learn,unlearn and lead daily .


To becoming a SUPER WOMAN


Listening to this song from Alicia Keyes brought this big wide smile on my face. A reminder that I have come so far and reached spaces and times I could never have imagined myself reaching.

So, as my birthday draws closer (if you are bored about my noise for the birthday, you are reading the wrong blog) . A very significant time of my life, a transformative point according to me. A milestone of sorts I am filled with so much and this song just spoke. The words of being a super woman.

Super woman, yes I am. In my mess. I have had many years of ups and downs, mistakes and fortunes. I have learned and unlearned. Done and undone. This is me and this is who I have become after all the things I have been through.

I am proud of who I have become and the mistakes…

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40 days of walking by Faith: a devotional journal.


Day 8 of #August Rush # Uganda Blogging community.

Last year 2019, I got an opportunity to write my first book. This has always been one of those things I knew I needed to do and how it came earlier than I had anticipated,only God.

In December 2019, I had a group launch on my graduation from the leadership course I was completing (Harvest Institute).

I hope and pray that this book will draw people closer to their creator God. That whoever reads it and actively engages with it will be transformed and motivated to have a consistent personal devotion time and commit to it .

If you would be interested in such an adventure, contact me via this blog. The book is at 25,000 Uganda shillings only ( $6.5) . It is also available at Aristoc Garden city, Enjoy Christian bookshop in Wandegeya, Vine bookshop along Kampala Road.

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Weight loss or weight gain journey…(written a year ago)

Sometime in 2019, I had resolved to start pursuing weight loss. In fact i did try for a week or so, but gradually and slowly instead i have put on more weight then i have ever reached. I am still puzzled about why it is so easy to put on and very heard to shed. And why some people can eat all they want and never have to worry about this . Then I found out that we all have different metabolism rates.

I really need help in this area. I think i need to walk this road with someone holding my hand not to slip . Where will the help come from? Is it there. How do i beat this? What can i or should i do.? I need self discipline, to do what i say i should so. This is the most challenging area for any leader. Learning to say no to your self.

They say if you are breaking a habit, start with small steps and you will get there. I have tried oh really tried to incorporate drinking water such that may be i fill up and do not have to worry about the hunger pains. But oh my, 2 bottles were stolen after leaving them somewhere in 2 different weeks. So i relaxed there after. Then i decided to try the endevour again , but almost all the time , i forget the bottle where ever i place it . I usually prefer to take my own boiled water rather than the one provided by the dispenser. So this is still going on and am yet to be considered an avid consumer of water.

So, for all you out there who have been waiting for my story of successful weight loss. I have failed. Yes, i have said it. I have failed to discipline my self. I have failed to let go of that desire to consume more than my body needs. Sometimes , i feel like i might be covering up some hurt or pain that is in my subconscious. It feels like food is my stress reliver. How do i overcome this? If you have never been in this situation, it is so easy for you to think that oh just get over it but it is not that easy.

I need to start exercising, wake up early, eat small portions , cut out high carbs and incorporate in fruits and veg. What to do i know but why i do not do it; i do not know.

But, yet there is still hope . I will rise up and I will beat this and one day, I will have a testimony. So for now, I need the help of the Holy spirit. So help me , Lord. I cannot do this on my own. Help is on the way.

40 days of walking by Faith: a devotional journal.

Day 8 of #August Rush # Uganda Blogging community.

Last year 2019, I got an opportunity to write my first book. This has always been one of those things I knew I needed to do and how it came earlier than I had anticipated,only God.

In December 2019, I had a group launch on my graduation from the leadership course I was completing (Harvest Institute).

I hope and pray that this book will draw people closer to their creator God. That whoever reads it and actively engages with it will be transformed and motivated to have a consistent personal devotion time and commit to it .

If you would be interested in such an adventure, contact me via this blog. The book is at 25,000 Uganda shillings only ( $6.5) . It is also available at Aristoc Garden city, Enjoy Christian bookshop in Wandegeya, Vine bookshop along Kampala Road.

A hymn in my mother language (Runyankole- Rukiga)

I definately can not write even a paragragh in my mother language. What I know is spoken language not written since I did not attend any class .

Therefore, I resolved to share one of the hymns I like in my mother language…sing along 😜😜😜 if you know how to read it.

67. Rock of ages, cleft for me

RUKIRI owa iranaira,
Okaatik’ ahabwangye,
Waarugwamu eshagama;
Niiwe nyesherekamu,
Okantambir’ ebibi
N’amaani gaabyo goona.

N’obu naakukora nta,
Nkeezirika munonga
Kuhitsy’ Ebirango,
Nkarira rikarenga,
Byona tibikaabaasa
Kuunyihaho rubanja.

Tiinyine ki naareeta,
Reeba, naij’ engaro nsha
Aha Musharaba gwawe,
Ogu wanfeereireho;
Ndi mubi, Yes’, onyozye,
Mujuni, njuna ntafa.

Nsaasira nkihuriire,
Ondabye n’omu kufa;
Ku ndihik’ omu iguru,
Naakushangayo, Yesu,
Nyeshereky’ omuriiwe,
Rukiri owa iranaira.

Runyankole Hymns (iviidev):

The story behind the photo.

This is me today. Ready for work and I noticed scooby Doo on the wall and I said I should take a pic to boost my energy for the day.

It reminded me of those days of watching Scooby Doo episodes over and over again. They were very adventurous those boys and girls . They uncovered some many evil plots and some.

Any way back to today. My work involves seeing sick people day in and day out. My joy is in seeing someone who came in unwell, get better; that to me is better than any money you could give me(do not get me wrong, I plan on becoming a billionaire in the not so distant future, a girl can hope.😇).

So today, although my shift today seems quite quiet ( this can change in one second), I am thankful that I get to work in a place that stimulates me, that motivates me, that makes me happy waking up to go to work every working day. I am blessed and this I know.

I pray for all my clients that I get to or will get to sèe today and every other day, that they will be healed in Jesus Name. Divine healing is their portion. We treat but it is the Lord who heals.

May you find that joy in the work you do.

May you be a blessing every day.

May you add value to everyone you reach .

May you flourish and blossom ever more abundantly.


Health tips for busy people.

Sometimes there is just not enough time and you would wish for 48 hours to make a day.

These tips will help you maximize the best out of your day, minimize you getting ill.

Remember the first wealth is health .

From pinterest.

Health is a state of complete physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.( World Health Organization).

Here are the few health tips up my sleeve.

  • Every morning, first thing you do after waking up, say thank you God for a new day.
  • Wash your face, brush you teeth.
  • Have quiet time,meditate, read your bible , pray, speak affirmations to yourself.
  • Have 15 to 30 minutes of exercise, indoor may be easier for some while others outdoor would work just fine. What ever it is, please jsut do it. ( atleast minimal of 3 days a week, schedule it and keep the appointment.
  • Listen to a podcast,audio book, or listen to music on your way to work.
  • Pack a bottle of water, you can spice it with some lemon.
  • Have a fruit next to you ( in your bag, fridge etc) .
  • Take warm lemon water often. (Be cautious if you have ulcers)
  • Fresh ginger tea relieves migraines atleast for me since my last 2 attempts.
  • Exercise minimizes the intensity and duration of cramps during your periods( for the ladies).
  • Dawa tea ( fresh ginger, fresh lemon, honey) is a great reliever for bloatness, after a heavy meal.
  • Have a medical check up every year, whether you feel like it or not.

For other consultation, get in touch.😊😊😊


My five favourite


  • Groundnut sauce
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Java Mocha Milkshake
  • Milk tea
  • Chapati

Travel destinations..

  • Maldives
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • Capetown
  • Toronto
  • Israel….plus one.


  • Bible study and prayer journaling
  • Meeting up with friends weekly
  • Spending time with family
  • Me time
  • My work.


  • 15 Invaluable laws of Growth by John C.Maxwell
  • Straight Forward Financial Growth by Moses Mukisa
  • The power of positive thinking
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • The lady,her lover and her Lord by T.D .Jakes.


  • Pothos
  • Rosemary
  • Snake plant.
  • Mint
  • Lavender

These are few of my favourite things…

Bucket list…top things.

I have never really written down a bucket list. I have always had them at the back of my mind. I guess it is about time,I wrote then down.

First things first….

What is a bucket list?

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.” Oxford language.

There are definately things I would really love to accomplish.

  1. I would really live to visit these places in my life time: Hillsong,Australia. Switzeland. Canada. Israel,the Holy Land.
  2. To own a real estate investment like Knight&Frank.
  3. To do a PhD in my field .
  4. To become a ” New York Times Best Selling Author”.
  5. To honor my parents and make them happy always.
  6. To make 50 years marriage anniversary when I get married.
  7. To own a coffeeshop – bookshop.
  8. To be a great woman used by God to spread the Kingdom.

It was actually hard to write this,I thought I would make 10.🤔🤔🤔

Review of :Resolute Scribbles blog.

This is one of the blogs I started following during the previous #Ugblogchallenge during lockdown.

I find her blogs very well written fresh and real. You can relate with her personality. Her story is also one of the many similar stories in peoples pasts, but seeing how she has managed to overcome it all is wonderful.

A favourite blogging milestone.

I am glad to take part in another blog challenge. The last one being just at the start of lockdown, I would say was my most favourite blogging milestone.


  • It was the first time I had participated in a challenge about blogging daily.
  • I got the most views during that time.
  • I met many fellow bloggers, some even way ahead in this work.
  • I got to read loads of other peoples blogs.
  • I was open about my real self more than I had done before.
  • I got to learn that it is possible to write content daily.
  • That it is possible to earn from blogging ( not yet there)
  • I introduced a few people or okay one.🤗 at Charity Marie to join as well as my sis , nitas.
  • I learned alot from other bloggers
  • My twitter family also grew.

  • I am glad to do this again…see you here.🤗🤗🤗